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Being able to work smoothly with your co-workers is a great feat. It can lead to many benefits such as more productivity and less conflict.

Inflexible work schedule. Disrupted communication. Uncomfortable workplace. These situations are bound to happen especially with complex tasks like web designing.

If that’s the case, a platform where these problems are solved is needed. So here are nine must-have collaboration tools for web designers and developers.


Description: Asana is one of the most well-known tools on the internet.

What We Liked: It allows users to assign tasks to each member. Admins can also add followers to projects or monitor deadlines.


post3 2 - 9 Must-Have Collaboration Tools for Web Designers and Developers
Description: Dapulse is a collaboration tool focusing on project management.

What We Liked: Users can communicate and assign tasks along with objectives. It has a beautiful design that makes it easy to work with.


Description: Flowdock is a platform for either group or private chats.

What We Liked: What we liked about Flowdock is its feature to inform team members about notifications from other channels like Asana or other collaboration tools.


Description: GoToMeeting is an online video platform and also one of the most popular video sharing platforms.

What We Liked: It allows users to schedule and share screens during meetings. It’s more like that of webinars but there are functions in the screen that can be used to communicate and collaborate with team members.


post3 5 - 9 Must-Have Collaboration Tools for Web Designers and Developers
Description: ProofHub is a project management platform.

What We Liked: It allows team members to plan and monitor projects and organize files. There’s also an online proofing tool for evaluating and approving files.


Description: Redbooth is a project management tool.

What We Liked: Its platform is very easy to use and it allows users to collaborate through several utilities such as videos and charts.


post3 7 - 9 Must-Have Collaboration Tools for Web Designers and Developers
Description: Slack is a popular instant messaging platform.

What We Liked: What got our attention in Slack is its feature of integrating with other tools such as Trello and Google.


post3 8 - 9 Must-Have Collaboration Tools for Web Designers and Developers
Description: Trello is a project management tool known for its interesting design. It is also one of the most popular collaboration tools on the internet. In addition to its browser version, there is also a mobile version offered for smartphone users.

What We Liked: Collaboration in this platform is easy due to its design like that of playing cards. There’s also instructions after signing up for this platform so if you have no prior experience with this type of collaboration tool, you can easily learn about it.


Description: WebEx is a video conferencing tool that allows team members to collaborate through several functions.

What We Liked: It features rooms where team members can use video sharing to collaborate, hold trainings and meetings, and even customer support.

There are many collaboration tools on the internet. It’s important to know how to pick a great tool. When looking for a collaboration tool, make sure it meets every individual’s needs. It should also have multiple features and be easy to use. If you think you still can’t choose one, you can contact our customer support for assistance.


Many suggest that with a website, your business can truly flourish, or you’ll get a lot of publicity. As if answering this wide-spread belief, many people tried to create a website.

That’s probably what you want to do, too considering that you’re reading this blog post. However, creating a website is not as easy as you think, and that’s why professional website designers are a must-have.

Not convinced yet? Then check out this list of five benefits of hiring a website designer.

Having Possession of a High-Quality Website

post1 1 - 5 Benefits of Hiring a Website Designer
It’s only natural to assume that with the help of someone possessing years of experience, making your website will be a breeze. What’s more, the end-result is likely going to be of the highest quality.

You’ll be Provided with a Done-For-You SEO

Website designers are also knowledgeable about search engine optimization or SEO. They know very well about how important it is and why it should be included in every website’s development. They know better than anyone else not to forget SEO.

Having a Competitive Advantage

With ready-to-go search engine optimization techniques, you don’t have to worry about getting left behind by your competitors. In fact, you can be assured that you’ll gain an edge against them.

Never Waste Money on Maintenance Again

Whether you like it or not, a website won’t be perfect no matter what. There will be issues and that will cause you to spend money on maintenance. However, with a professional on your side, your website will have minimal issues and therefore, require minimal maintenance costs.

Time is Gold

Speaking of money, don’t forget about how you can save your time by letting a website designer do the work for you. You can spend more time on creating content or link building. You don’t have to worry about web design again.

Now that you know these benefits, are you interested in hiring a website designer? Fortunately, JTOSTI SEO is a platform where website owners can inquire for the highest quality website design services on the web. Contact us to find out more of what we offer or check out our other blog posts.


Admit it. You sometimes make mistakes when doing web design. While making a mistake is only natural, it can be hard to complete web designing with all the flaws in the software you’re using.

But if you invest time on searching for other tools, you will find that there are actually lots of web design tools out there that are suitable for you.

So here is our list of the best tools for web designers in 2019.


post2 1 - The Best Tools for Web Designers in 2019
First up is Timely, which is not exactly the first “web design tool” that comes in mind. It’s more of a productivity tool that helps with measuring how much time you spend on different tasks.

This is suitable for any kind of web designers, as long as you want to improve your productivity. After all, being productive is one of the most troublesome issues faced by the majority of web designers.

Although there are many time tracking apps out there, Timely is our favorite. The feature we think is the best is that it can work as a background process of your smartphone.


post2 2 - The Best Tools for Web Designers in 2019
Vectary is a browser-based tool that helps designers create 3D models. Since 3D is getting more and more popular nowadays, this is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons.

You can do this by simply using editable templates provided by Vectary and dragging and dropping objects. Your models will be saved automatically to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or erased.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced artist, Vectary can help you expand your abilities and skills.


post2 3 - The Best Tools for Web Designers in 2019
Sketch is a very popular tool used by graphic designers. However, it can be complex and difficult to understand at times. That’s why Abstract offers a system for website designers specifically those that are working in Sketch.

This solves the common problem that many designers are facing. Surely you’ve also experienced the frustration of passing on a project to your team members as the version changes for each of them that you don’t know what version it is anymore.


PDFShift is a browser-based tool and just like Vectary, it is only capable of doing one thing, and that is converting a web page into a PDF. While that may not seem so fantastic to many, it’s actually pretty handy for website designers.

Conversions from web page to PDF is often done but tools require payment and subscription. With PDFShift, web designers can use it for free with 250 conversions per month.

Luna Display

Luna Display is a device that can be used by web designers to see more of the design. After all, the more we see, the easier it is to be creative.

Since our vision is only limited, Luna Display helps widen our vision. You can do this by simply connecting this wireless device to your iPad.

There you have it, five of the best tools for web designers 2019 has to offer. These tools are made to do only a few tasks and none of them are made to carry the burden of all the tasks done by a website designer. That said, it’s important that you look for many tools and not rely on only one.