5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 that you should know

In 2019, businesses are constantly looking for new advantages to compete and connect with more customers. The development of Digital Marketing shows no sign of slowing down, which is the reason why business owners spend more and more effort on developing Digital Marketing tools.

Here are 5 outstanding digital marketing trends that SEO company in Houston think you need to know in 2019.

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1. Social Media will have chat feature – two-way interaction

Businesses will no longer see social media posts as one-way conversations. Instead, in 2019, we will witness the transformation of brands when using social media to engage users and assess their desires and needs.

Listening effectively, paying attention to conversations about brands, and competitors will help businesses learn what kind of content and message will be more suitable for the target audience.

Solutions that businesses can deploy to develop relationships with their customers:

  • Ask and answer user questions
  • Create and post interesting articles with topics that attract interaction
  • Fast customer response time (24 – 48 hours)

Keeping building social media conversations via user posts and comments, personalizing the customer experience by using their content is good ways to increase customer awareness about the brand, gain trust, and strengthen their loyalty to the business.

2. The video will be adjusted to suit for SEO

SEO supports business owners understand the user’s behaviors. The search engine is constantly updated to ensure the site is always friendly and attractive enough to attract the attention of users.

Therefore, it requires businesses to change algorithms to keep their rankings on the search page. This is why videos appear on SEO.

Research shows that videos are 12 times more shared than links or posts. This is understandable because video is engaging and more likely to reach users, It also developed strong connections with viewers.

In 2019, businesses will focus intensely on optimizing video content to improve SEO rankings.

For best performance, make sure that keywords are added to the following 3 things of the video:

  • Video title
  • Description
  • URL

It is recommended to optimize video content in a relevant and engaging manner because the industry is constantly changing, requiring constant updates to get high rankings on the search engine.

When properly implemented, video will help increase engagement on social media channels, build leads and generate more effective call-to-action activities, thereby increasing sales.

Businesses should also focus on improving their SEO system to research and further understand your customers. The more accurate in the SEO strategies, the closer you will achieve your target customers.

3. GEO Marketing (Marketing by geographic area) will be expanded

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Businesses have incorporated GEO Marketing into their business strategies. However, the need for more accurate results has led to the creation of new technologies, such as GEO-fence, to help businesses get closer to customers.

Geo-fence has developed a method of targeting by region by allowing businesses to attract customers of competitors. One way to take advantage of GEO-fence benefits is focusing on areas where your brand has gained a lot of penetration.

Another way is to deploy digital advertising to mobile users in a geographic area. For instance, businesses could run ads that set up a geographic map with a radius of 500 meters from a rival store.

Every time customers set foot in that area, they will receive an advertisement for your brand. These targeted content is a good method create strong cohesion and brand awareness between customers and your business.

4. Email Marketing is more personalized

Today, users are more interested in personalization than ever. When it comes to connecting with brands, users often underestimate. That is why it is necessary to take additional steps to personalize email to be able to attract more loyal customers and increase sales.

When implementing an email personalization campaign, ensure that:

  • Create specific, detailed emails based on your different market segments
  • Select interesting products and services to promote for those customers
  • Build short but easy to remember, effective content

Not only do you need to build more personalized email content, businesses need to focus on making email more accessible to mobile devices. The study found that more than 84% of respondents said they preferred using smartphones for personal email reading.

Making sure that your email content is personalized and optimized is important to finding potential customers, leveraging this mobile market to further improve your business sales.

5. Many new technologies will appear

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In 2019, businesses are starting to integrate new technologies into their business strategies to improve marketing activities and enhance customer experience.

It is expected that artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are expected to change the overall marketing strategy and customer service of businesses.

To stay ahead of the tech game, make sure you spend a set amount of time each week getting to know and discover new things happening in the digital world. When opportunities such as advertising platforms, AI, VR, and AR technologies appear, it is important that you know how to apply them.

A small tip to keep you up to date and ahead of your competitors is to follow RSS feeds and technology information sites of Facebook. These sources keep up with new technology and provide the latest trends available to assist you in better marketing planning.